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Established: November 24, 2011
Remains in force: December 1, 2036
Location: karaganda region bukhar-zhyrau district
Area: 534,9 ha

- development of the metallurgical and metal-fabricating industries, in particular the production of finished products by encouraging the producers of worldwide brands to participate;
- develop and implement breakthrough investment projects to build and develop a world-class metallurgical and metal-fabricating industries for intensive processing of raw materials and production of a comprehensive and competitiverange of products with high added value;
- development and implementation of research and scientific and technological innovation projects to establish and develop production and treatment technologies, including deep processing of raw materials;
- investment in the construction and development of an integrated metallurgical industry based on public-private partnerships.

tel: +7 (7212) 40 09 83
e-mail: aokaragandainvest@gmail.com 
* for more information please visit Invest.gov.kz
Information about Centre services to investors of the Karaganda region

includes information about the Investor Service Center:

- purposes of establishment and core activity principles:

• Information, consulting and analytical services for domestic and foreign investors;
• Development of image strategy of Karaganda region, information about investment opportunities;
• Search for local and foreign investors for the attraction of investments to business projects of Karaganda region, and their service support at the regional level;

- news feed (conducted events) :

• Visit of the delegation «Dreberis», businessmen mission from Germany to Kazakhstan (September 18-19, 2013);
• Meeting with representatives of the company «AmataFoundation» (August 8, 2013)
• Meeting with the companies «Issmat Investment and Finance», «Opus Platform» (July 22, 2013)
• Seminar from “Export Credit Insurance Corporation KazExportGarant” JSC and Tsesna Bank JSC (July 27, 2013);
• Meeting with the company «Sarus» (May 27, 2013);
• Meeting with the delegation from the Sverdlovsk region (May 20, 2013);
• Meeting with the company «Sinolight» (May 15, 2013);
• Meeting with the company «RiveSud» (May 13, 2013);
• Meeting - workshop with the IDB (April 30, 2013);
• Issmat Investment and Finance partners visiting missions (April 29, 2013);
• Meeting with representatives of the company Poly Solar Technologies (March 29, 2013);
• Visit of the French - Canadian delegation (March 20, 2013);
• Meeting with the IDB (March 1, 2013 );
• “Round table” to clarify the President of RK “Strategy – 2050” (February 28, 2013);
• III International Investment Forum “KaragandaInvest – 2012” (November 21, 2012);
• Forum of Entrepreneurs (October 10, 2013);
• Presentation of the ISC (September 7, 2012).

* for more information please visit Invest.gov.kz