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Established: October 1, 2003
Remains in force: January 1, 2028
Location: Аlmaty city medeu district alatau town
Area: 163,02 ha

Purpose: technological development of the following areas:
- information technology;
- technology in the field of telecommunications and communications;
- electronics and instrumentation;
- renewable energy, resource conservation and - efficient use of natural resources;
- technology in the creation and application of materials for different purposes;
- technology in the field of production, transportation and processing of oil and gas/

tel: +7 (727) 320-18-56
e-mail: monitoring.sezpit@gmail.com 
* to find more information please visit Invest.gov.kz
Information about Centre services to investors of the Almaty city
“Investor Services Center” is a structural division of JSC “Almaty Development Centre” authorized by Almaty Municipality resolution №4/1133 from December 28th, 2013.

JSC “Almaty Development Centre” performs tasks of Investor Services Centre which includes the following functions:

  1. attracting investments into Almaty economy;
  2. advisory support of investment and public-private partnership projects according to the principle of a “one stop” system;
  3. assistance in implementation of government support instruments for investors and concessionaires;
  4. consulting services (development of feasibility studies, business plans for investors and other documents);
  5. database maintenance of potential and existing investment projects of Almaty;
  6. organization of events related to Almaty investment opportunities. 

* to find more information please visit Invest.gov.kz