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Invest in Pavlodar

Established: November 29, 2011
Remains in force: December 1, 2036
Location: Pavlodar city North industrial area
Area: 3 300 ha
- development of chemical and petrochemical industries, in particular the production of export products with high added value, with the use of high-tech environmentally friendly modern technologies;
- development and implementation of breakthrough investment projects, research and scientific and technological innovation projects for the creation and development of chemical and petrochemical industries in the deep processing of raw materials and the production of a broad competitive products with high added value;
- creation of highly efficient and innovative production for the development of chemical and petrochemical industries, including high tech and competitive industries and the development of new products;
- creation of a favorable investment climate and attraction of domestic and foreign investment, including the implementation of investment projects and the development of the chemical and petrochemical industries on the basis of public-private partnership.

tel: +7(7182) 66 06 26
e-mail: aouksezpavlodar@mail.ru
* for more information please visit Invest.gov.kz 
In order to improve the investment attractiveness of the Pavlodar region, according to the instructions of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the necessity of creating "Investors Service Centers"(hereinafter - ISC), № 6 dated February 14, 2012, decision of the Board of Directors of JSC" NC "SEC "Pavlodar"(further SEC "Pavlodar") dated May 3, 2012 in the structure of the SEC "Pavlodar" was created "Investors Service Center" (the ISC).

ISC activity is based on the principle of one stop shopping principle for investors, providing the following functions:
- support investors in the pre-investment, active and post investment stages
- service support (counseling, support in the region)
- brand-building of Pavlodar region;
- search for investors;
- organization of investment activities.

The scheme works as follows ISC slide. As part of the work with current investors the objectives ISC are:

- search attractive capital spending projects for investment
- information support is to provide investors with all necessary information for the region or for a specific project;
In the case of capital spending projects of potential interest to investors ISC is engaged:
- direct search for potential investors for investment projects in the region;
- selection of projects in need of extra-budgetary funds;
- entering to a database baseinvest.kz projects for investors.

In accordance with the position of the ISC, the ISC functions and tasks are developed and approved, ISC website is created ( site contains information about the Pavlodar region , investment opportunities, investment projects implemented with the SEC " Pavlodar" and regional scale projects), ISC is equipped with a special room having conference room for negotiation , workplace for the investor , three workplaces for employees ISC, booth with special literature for investors, interactive touch panel with an embedded operating system , which allows for presentations, online negotiations. Also there are information booths and banners on the investment attractiveness of the region. 

Address: Pavlodar Investors' Service Centre

48 Pavlova Street, 3rd Section